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How Successful CEOs Leverage Open Source Software


I have been fortunate at OpenLogic to talk to and work with some of the most successful C-level executives at a wide range of organizations, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

4 Hard Lessons Learned From Implementing Software Customizations


As a COO, and former CFO, I’ve been in charge of my fair share of commercial and open source software projects over the years.  A couple of the projects I was directly in charge of the design of features, while others I held responsibility to sign off and approve at a high level.   Some projects were minor, while others involved full-scale customizations between an accounting application and a CRM application, with a front-end web interface.  Although the custom implementation worked great, and if I might say were pretty ingenious, there were definitely some valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years the hard way, that can be valuable to others in the same situation.

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