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Open Source Development: Use Your Master Toolbox


Bopping around the web the other day, I stumbled across a nifty article by the inestimable Martin Fowler titled PolyglotPersistence1 written in 2011. In it, he discusses software development projects moving away from using a single data store to persist their data, a la the venerable LAMP for web apps, into a multiple data store model. In essence, he says, development teams should no longer force their data into whatever model their chosen data store uses, but instead pick data stores that match their data. Tracking relationships? Use a graph database. Need to store vast quantities of information for data mining? Try a big data key value store with Map Reduce. Need to store highly structured related information? Maybe a relational database is the way to go.

ParEdit: Learn to Love Writing Lisp Code


It probably happens to anyone coming from a more mainstream, imperative language: you get your first look at lisp and think, “What kind of idiot designed this language? How could anyone in their right mind enjoy looking at, let alone typing, all those parentheses?”

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