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Do You Hear What I Hear?


I am asked two very reasonable questions, on a very regular basis, by some very interesting people.

Why Your Customers Are Going to Influence Your Open Source Software Policy


If this hasn't already happened, eventually one or more of your customers are going to influence your open source software policy.  Today’s blog article is a continuation of some themes established in my last post about when and how your open source software policy might need to be updated with new policy rules.  In a variety of scenarios, your customer's interactions with or requirements of your products may directly or indirectly impact your open source policy.  Traditionally, we often think of the end goal of an open source policy as dealing with license compliance.  Because most open source licenses are triggered by "distribution," this leaves the potential for other open source use cases to go un-addressed in your open source policy. License compliance is not the only reason for an open source policy; technical support should also be addressed.

When and Why Do I Update Open Source Policy Rules?


In today’s article I will discuss some internal and external events that may cause you to update your open source policy rules.  For this discussion it is important to differentiate between the open source software (OSS) policy and the rules that flow from the policy.

4 Keys to a Sound Open Source Software Policy: A CFO's Perspective


Companies can increase the usage of some of the most innovative technology in the world, open source software, and manage the risk that comes along with it by creating policies that effectively build awareness, provide control mechanisms and promote low overhead compliance.

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