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OpenLogic Provides Pre-built Open Source Stacks on Amazon AWS Marketplace


OpenLogic has released[1] pre-built AMIs of your favorite open source stacks on the Amazon AWS Marketplace.[2]

Need Tools to Process, Search and Analyze Your Big Data?


Your organization is probably collecting, hoarding, and coveting lots of data. (Log files anyone?) Departments from marketing/sales to IT, along with all other branches of enterprises, are involved in the data game.  We collect data, many times without even knowing why. Bombarded with Twitter feeds, marketing analytics, sales data, and all the other heterogeneous and disintegrated data vectors, enterprises are tracking quintillions of bytes of it, virtually too numerous to expound upon.  So great, you are collecting data, now what? How do you process it all, make it actionable, and get the ROI from all your hosting costs?

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Community Version vs. Enterprise Edition of Open Source


Today’s article considers some of the similarities, and differences, between community versions and enterprise versions of open source software.  Mature open source usually comes from one of two sources of global communities: 1) communities like the Apache Software Foundation that are not directly affiliated with a specific corporate entity, or 2) commercial and open source software companies.   

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