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3 Pitfalls to Avoid in Estimating Time and Effort around Open Source Software Integration


Premise: It is notoriously difficult to accurately estimate project time and resources when building code from scratch[1]. The Agile approach has risen to the top in an industry that values small, manageable building blocks for better requirements matching, for better control over costs, and (arguably most important of all) improved time-to-market. In a world that includes open source software integration as a key strategy for succeeding to meet the demanding goals of today’s typical software development project, there are additional unique challenges to be considered.

Is My Open Source Software Outdated - A Tactical Perspective


The short answer is that your Open Source is always outdated. Rod Cope wrote a post recently on strategically watching for your Open Source becoming obsolete and looking for new trends to consider. However, you are likely already using tens or hundreds of Open Source packages daily and these packages are constantly updating, adding new features, increasing performance and fixing bugs. It is very important to keep aware of how the underlying technologies are changing and keep up to date to avoid headaches in the future when massive upgrades are required to play catch-up.

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